Propoodle- organize groups like a Boss

Getting coordinated with friends and colleagues should be easy, lightning fast and collaborative. Propoodle is a coordination tool with propositions and some other features that you won't find anywhere else. The name also makes you think of tiny dogs. Win-win anyone? Try it now!


Create propoodles where every participant can propose a new option for everyone to vote on. Set a deadline for new propositions: All democracy, zero chaos.

Fully Responsive

Propoodle looks great in a mobile browser while maintaining the familiar interface. Seems basic, doesn't it? It was also designed to maintain usability when the number of participants or options gets large.


Propoodle is free of charge and currently free of advertising. You are welcome to use all features. If you want to do something for me, give me feedback.

Respects your Privacy

All data associated with a new propoodle is deleted from the server once the propoodle expires or the admin deletes it. No third parties are involved. Propoodle does not connect with any other services, and there are no scripts from other services on this page tracking you. Learn more.